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250/450/950ml Sublimation Blanks Glass Can Storage Jar with Wood Lid


Material: Borosilicate frosted glass, with acacia wood lid.
Size: 90*70mm/90*100mm/90*190mm
Net Weight: 160g/200g/300g

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Sublimation Blanks Glass Can Storage Jar with Wood Lid

— Wholesale Sublimation Tumblers, Will Ship from China —

【Product Info】

Product Name: Glass Can Storage Jar with Wood Lid

Colors: White body

Capacity: 250/450/950ml

Package: 1 pcs

MOQ: 25pcs

Material: stainless steel vacuum insulated

Warehouse: Chinese warehouse

Shipping Time: 30 days

Support Sublimation: Yes

Versatile Sublimation Blanks Glass Can Storage Jar with Wood Lid, available in capacities of 250/450/950ml.

Experience the fusion of practicality and aesthetics with this thoughtfully designed product. The sleek white body of the jar is complemented by the warmth of the wood lid, creating a visual harmony that suits any kitchen or storage space.

Each package includes one exquisitely crafted glass can storage jar, ready to elevate your organization and presentation. With a minimum order quantity of 25pcs, these jars are perfect for both personal use and bulk orders.

Crafted with stainless steel vacuum-insulated material, these jars ensure the contents remain at the desired temperature. Whether it’s keeping your beverages refreshingly cool or your foods deliciously warm, these jars are up to the task.

Our Chinese warehouse guarantees efficient shipping within 30 days, ensuring timely delivery to your doorstep. Moreover, these jars support sublimation, allowing you to infuse them with your creative touch. Add custom designs, patterns, or logos to transform these jars into unique pieces that reflect your style.

Elevate your storage solutions with our Sublimation Blanks Glass Can Storage Jar with Wood Lid. Order now and experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics that enhances your everyday living.



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