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Blank Easter Long Eared Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Doll


  • Plush Bunny DIY Decoration
  • Gifts for children and Easter
  • 25pc/case. 6pcs*4 colors & 1 random,
  • Will ship from China. 3-4 weeks delivery
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Easter Long Eared Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Doll

Will ship from China

【Product Info】

Product Name: Long Eared Bunny Rabbit Doll

Colors: White/Gray/Pink/Beige

Package: 25pcs

Material: Leather Cover & Paper

Warehouse: CHN warehouse

Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

Support Sublimation: Yes

Crafted with love, this stuffed bunny offers the perfect platform for sublimation. Designed to be a blank slate, it eagerly awaits your designs, whether they’re vibrant Easter patterns, whimsical artwork, or personalized messages.Blank Easter Long Eared Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Doll

Celebrate the joy of Easter with a unique twist. Our sublimation-ready bunny becomes your canvas for creating personalized gifts, cherished keepsakes, or a standout addition to your product lineup.

The bunny’s long ears and cuddly demeanor make it an irresistible companion for kids and adults alike. Its softness is matched only by the endless possibilities of your creativity.

For businesses seeking a charming addition to their offerings, our Easter Rabbit Stuffed Doll is available for wholesale. Delight your customers with a sublimation bunny that spreads smiles and captures hearts.

Blank Easter Long Eared Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Doll

Embrace the magic of Easter with our Easter Rabbit Stuffed Doll for Sublimation. Order now and make this holiday season extra special with a touch of personalized love!

Blank Easter Long Eared Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Doll

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25pcs – prepare for Easter!, 50pcs


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