Grinch Doll Home Decoration Xmas Tree Hanging Ornament


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Grinch Doll Home Decoration

—Will Ship from China —

【Product Info】

Product Name: Grinch Doll Home Decoration

CTN: 200pcs/carton

Material: emulsion and cloth

Warehouse: Chinese warehouse

Shipping Time: 10-15 days

Get ready to infuse your holiday season with a touch of whimsy and charm, as we introduce the captivating Grinch Doll Home Decoration. This delightful ornament brings the mischievous spirit of the Grinch to life, adding a dash of personality to your festive decor.

Unleash the Whimsy:
The Grinch Doll Home Decoration captures the essence of the beloved character, evoking memories of Dr. Seuss’ iconic tale. With its playful demeanor and mischievous grin, this ornament is the perfect way to pay homage to a holiday classic while adding a unique touch to your decorations.

A Touch of Personality:
Crafted with emulsion and cloth, the grinch my life doll home decoration is not just an ornament; it’s a piece of art that sparks joy and conversation. Its intricate detailing and lifelike features showcase the effort put into capturing the essence of the Grinch’s iconic image.

Perfect for Hanging:
Designed to hang effortlessly on your Christmas tree, mantel, or any desired spot, this grinch plush doll is a versatile addition to your festive setting. Let it dangle from a branch, peeking out mischievously among twinkling lights, and watch as it becomes a highlight of your decor.

Quantity and Convenience:
Each carton contains 200 stuffed grinch dolls, making it a convenient choice for spreading festive cheer in larger settings. Ideal for gifting, decorating events, or simply adding an enchanting touch to your space, these decorations are designed to create a lasting impression.

Swift Shipping:
Housed in our Chinese warehouse, the Grinch Doll Home Decoration is ready to be shipped promptly. Expect your order to arrive within an estimated 10-15 days, ensuring that you have ample time to incorporate this charming ornament into your holiday decor.

Bring home the magic of the Grinch today by ordering your Grinch Doll Home Decoration. Elevate your festive ambiance with a touch of whimsy that transcends generations and brings joy to all who encounter it.


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Red & Green – 100pcs each, Red – 200pcs, Green – 200pcs


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